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Market Growth is Faster than Building Capacities, who will win?

Sector: Technology
Industry: Security Management Solutions
Services: Strategic Planning and Corporate Renewal


Situation: SMSCo is a leading system integration company. They are specialized in security systems management solutions on an enterprise level. The company is unable to meet its financial KPI’s although it’s residing in a high growth market. Hence the BOD request for corporate renewal.


Methodology: Gulfstrategic had to assess the current SMSCo operational capacity and capabilities. In addition, Gulfstrategic verified the nature of growth and its market dynamics in relation to the current market index. Then relate both findings in a gap analysis to identify the key driving relations between market growth and SMSCo operational capacities.


Answer: Gulfstrategic findings indicated that prior to engaging SMSCo into a complete corporate renewal; the company needs to perform effective corporate strategic planning. It was evident that the company lacks proper operational capacities to succeed in riding the growth curve. The current core competencies are insufficient to maintain leadership; further development is required to match the market key success factors.


Results: SMSCo has increased its operational capacities by 25% and decreased current inefficiencies to less than 10%. This immediately presented SMSCo with projected 15-40% increase in profitability.