During the course of developing solutions, consultants must go through a level of complexity to attain proper solutions for the problem. Consequently, the developed solutions are associated with a certain level of complexity. The complexity level, high or low, differs based on the problem type. The more intricate the problem is the higher the complexity required. It also fluctuates during the solution development phases in relation to the consultant approach and methodology.

In the case of high level complexities, solutions will be less effective which will present less than desirable results. This will trap the consultant thorough work in thick binders of consulting documents and present clients with unworkable solutions.

Gulfstrategic consulting approach is based on “simple.answers” philosophy. Our consulting projects life cycle is categorized by its “Phases”. In each phase there are defined “Activities” that govern the phase at a macro level. The activities consist of multiple tasks that adhere to the listed goals and objectives. Moreover, we actively track complexities during projects life cycle and identify redundant (unnecessary) complexities for extraction. This is achieved by initializing a “Complexity Management Methodology – CMM” during the course of projects implementation.